The Rhino-Fire tripod is a Nerf accessory that was released in 2014 under the N-Strike Elite series.

It comes packaged with the Rhino-Fire.

Like the Rhino-Fire, it is a Walmart exclusive in the United States.[1]


As its name suggests, it is a tripod that is designed to work with the Rhino-Fire. It is designed to steady the blaster when set down and used as a turret. It can be removed from the blaster when not in use[2][1] by pushing in two buttons on either side of the tripod's attachment point.[3] It is also capable of being compacted and folded up to allow for easier transportation.

The Rhino-Fire tripod features the same attachment prong as the Vulcan tripod, making it compatible with both the Rhino-Fire and the Vulcan EBF-25.[4]


This is the second tripod produced under the Nerf brand, the first being the Vulcan EBF-25's tripod.


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