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Air Launcher
IMG 2871
Performance information
Type of productAir-powered rocket launcher
Size11" x 2.8" x 8.8"
Release information
Year released1976
Average retail price3.17 USD

The Air Launcher is a Nerf product that was released in 1976 and came packaged with the Nerf Rockets set.


Much like the Missile Launcher, this is a simplistic mortar-like device. It is fired by a light stomp of the foot, or a pound of the fist. It mostly is mostly composed of a simple air bladder, that when pressure is applied to, launches all air inside out of the front post.


This is the first Nerf toy to have a blaster-like appearance, predating the Blast-a-Ball. It was discontinued some time after the late 1970s.

It was the only toy released to utilize Nerf rockets.

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