The Rocket Dart is a Nerf-branded Perpetual Play Group Super Soaker product that was released in 2012 under the Nerf Super Soaker series.


Despite its name, the Rocket Dart is not a type of dart or ammunition. It looks incredibly similar to the classic arrow or missile.

The Rocket Dart is a foam arrow that is supposed to be used during water wars. It is very light, and can be thrown by hand from a far distance. It has a hollow center, and despite the fact that it is in the Super Soaker lineup, it cannot absorb any water whatsoever.


It was first discovered as early as late May of 2012 on the Toys "R" Us website. Its release was not announced by Nerf.

Color scheme

The Rocket Dart has been released with the following color schemes;

  • White with orange wings
  • Orange with black wings
  • Black with orange wings

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