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Screamin' Mega Dart
Ammunition typeDart
Head typeWhistler
Year introduced1999

The Screamin' Mega Dart (also known as the Whistling Mega Dart) is a type of Nerf dart and ammunition.


It is essentially a type of Mega Dart that was used from 1999 until 2007. It was similar to the regular Mega 

Peter879Added by Peter879

Dart with the exception of the whistling tip.


It debuted with the introduction of the Airjet Power Plus line, with the SplitFire. It was one of three new whistling types of ammunition for 1999, with the others being the Screamin' Micro Dart and the Screamin'  Arrow.

This type of dart was thought to be discontinued until it was used in 2007 with two Promotional Transformers blasters.

Screamin' Mega dartsout of box
Out of the package.
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These darts were succeeded in Fall 2013 with the release of the N-Strike Elite Mega Dart.

It can also be considered the predecessor to the modern Whistler Dart because of its whistling head, just as the Mega Dart resembles the modern Micro Dart.

Blasters that use Screamin' Mega Darts

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