The Shadow Fury Short Sword is a Nerf melee weapon that was released in 2009 under the N-Force series.


As described in its name, the Shadow Fury Short Sword is a foam short sword that reaches a length of about two feet. It is a counterpart to the Thunder Fury Short Sword.

Color schemes

The Shadow Fury Short Sword has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Standard (blue, orange, and gray)
  • Alternate (green and gray)

Value packs

A green Shadow Fury was included in the Thunder Fury and Shadow Fury 2-Pack, alongside a blue Thunder Fury.


  • Because both the Shadow Fury and the Vantage Sword come in a blue color, the two swords are easily confused for one another. An easy characteristic to remember about the Shadow Fury is that its cross-guard is straight and does not angle in any way.
    • The easiest way to tell the Shadow Fury and Thunder Fury swords apart is their blades. Thunder Fury has an orange stripe and the Shadow Fury has an orange dot.