The SharpFire shoulder stock is a Nerf detachable shoulder stock that was released in spring of 2015 under the N-Strike series.

It comes packaged with the SharpFire and cannot be purchased separately.


Unlike other detachable shoulder stocks, the SharpFire stock is only compatible with its patron blaster.

The stock has storage space for up to six extra darts and a hole built into the end of the stock, allowing the SharpFire barrel extension to be stored in it. It also has an integrated belt clip, which can be removed by simply taking out the screw holding it in place.

It can be equipped to the SharpFire two different ways: one to act as a shoulder stock, and another to act as a holster of sorts. Despite having a holster function, the shoulder stock still needs to be removed by pressing in the button on the bottom of the SharpFire in order to draw it out.

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