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Sharp Shot
Blaster typeSingle-fire reverse plunger dart blasterNewsharpshot
Ammunition typeTagger Micro Whistler Darts
FeaturesPackaged detachable carabiner, one strap point
Firing rangeThe range of this blaster varies. It typically fires about twenty feet.[1] The re-release Sharp Shot has a firing range of up to fifty feet due to its stronger spring.
ReliabilityThe Sharp Shot cannot jam, and is very comfortable to hold due to its large handle. The carabiner is not the most sturdy and isn't particularly useful.[2] It has high accuracy.[3]
Rate of fireThis blaster can fire about one dart every two seconds. However it is noted that the muzzle load is much easier due to the front funnel shape.
CapacityThis blaster can hold up to four darts at a time, which is good for a blaster of its size.[4]
Final verdict and summary
Review FailThe Sharp Shot, in its original state, is a mediocre blaster that doesn't live up to its price, and doesn't really compare to the other Dart Tag Blasters released in its time frame. The update, while improving performance, still pales when compared to other blasters released around the same time.


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