A shell is a Buzz Bee dart holder.

Shells come packaged with several blasters; refill packs can also be purchased on the Buzz Bee website.


It is a piece of plastic with a molded slot for darts to be placed in, and acts as if a regular shell would in a shotgun. The shell uses an orange molded appearance, becoming skinnier about half way through the shell's body. These have been used in many Buzz Bee clip system blasters since their introduction with the Rapid Fire Rifle and Double Shot Dart Blaster in 2005. They are very sturdy and unlikely to break from being dropped or stepped on, mostly due to the fact the shell is meant to be ejected from a blaster at a relatively quick speed.

A very large air restrictor is found inside every shell which can be difficult to remove. Removing the air restrictor vastly improves shell performance in most blasters. Though Buzz Bee darts have been released in a variety of different colours, the shell has always remained orange in nearly every international release; in only a select amount of markets where Buzz Bee ammunition is marketed in the color green, shells match this green color scheme.


The shell is much maligned and has an extremely poor taste in the foam blaster community. The vast majority of blasters designed to use shells cannot fire in excess of thirty feet and modifying blasters to reject the use of shells is very common. The shell also carries little to no value whatsoever market-wise, as the only point to these shells are realism. It is an additional point of difficulty for the shell's popularity.

Buzz Bee themselves seem to be drifting away from shells as of late, with shells only being used in shotgun-esque blasters; newer clip system blasters, unlike the Clip Tek of the past, Buzz Bee has ignored shells and instead focus on cross-compatibility with other brand platforms.

Color schemes

The shell has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Standard (orange)
  • Overseas variant (green)

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