The Shotwave is a Nerf Super Soaker that was released in 2013 under the Nerf Super Soaker series.

It comes packaged with a water clip.


It is a pump action water soaker that does not feature a trigger. There are iron sights on the top of the soaker, but no tactical rail. The Shotwave has a water clip socket at the bottom of the hand grip. It has an advertised range of twenty-five feet. While it appears to have what could have been the ability to attach a detachable shoulder stock, the soaker is not compatible with any stocks.


It was first unveiled on the back of the leaked packaging of the Hydro Pack in October of 2012.

It was re-released in 2014 with a new color scheme.

Color schemes

The Shotwave has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Original (white, black, and orange)
  • 2014 re-release (white, lime green, blue, and orange)