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Performance information
Blaster typeSingle-fire dart blaster
Stock ammunition typeZombie Strike darts
Elite Darts
Stock capacity7
Release information
SeriesZombie Strike
N-Strike Elite
Year released2014
Average retail price14.99 USD
Tab reviewless
Tab gallery

The Sidestrike is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2014 under the Zombie Strike series.

It comes packaged with a blaster holster, six Zombie Strike darts, and instructions.


The Sidestrike is advertised as being a "quick-draw" blaster. It features a small tactical rail on the bottom of the blaster, as well as a sling point in the handle. There is an integrated two-dart storage located under the blaster's muzzle, as well as two dart holders above and below the blaster holster. The Sidestrike can also be put in the blaster holster both ways.

It advertises a range of up to seventy-five feet.


The Sidestrike was unveiled for the first time alongside the remainder of the 2014 Zombie Strike line at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con.[1] This early iteration featured nearly the same exact design as the final production blaster with the exception of some minor paint alterations.

The blaster was then spotted in stores in December 2013.[2]

On September 19 2014 the blaster was discovered on Kmart's website in the form of an N-Strike Elite two-pack.[3] This was the first time a Zombie Strike blaster was re-packaged under the N-Strike Elite series.

Color schemes

The Sidestrike has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Zombie Strike (green, brown, grey, and orange)
  • N-Strike Elite two-pack (white, blue, dark gray, and orange)
  • N-Strike Elite two-pack (white, dark gray, and orange)

Blaster sets

Two Sidestrikes can be found in the Sidestrike 2-Pack; this blaster set does not come packaged with the Sidestrike holster.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Sidestrike, load a dart into the muzzle. Pull the priming mechanism back to fully prime the blaster.

Pull the trigger to fire a dart.


Sidestrikebox Sidestrike-2 Sidestrike-NSEblue
The full image gallery for Sidestrike may be viewed at Sidestrike/Gallery.


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