The Sidestrike holster is a Nerf accessory that was released in 2014 under the Zombie Strike series.

It comes packaged with the Sidestrike.


It is a light gray holster that is designed to be clipped onto a belt. It can hold the Sidestrike, as well as four extra darts; two are held on the bottom, and two are held on the top of the holster. The holster slides onto the blaster and is specifically designed to hold the Sidestrike. The Zombie Strike logo is located on the bottom of the holster, the same logo featured on the blaster where the holster is placed over.

It is also compatible with the N-Strike Elite Firestrike. In fact, it appears the holster has been specifically designed with both blasters in mind. Some older blasters of a similar size may also be compatible with the holster.[1]


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