Not to be confused with the Buzz Bee Side Winder.

The Sidewinder is a single-fire Zuru blaster that was released in 2011 under the X-Shot series.

It comes packaged with ten X-Shot Darts.


The Sidewinder represented the middle blaster in the X-Shot line of blasters. This blaster, alongside the other blasters in the original X-Shot line, fires both darts and water. The water is not contained in the blaster as it lacks a reservoir, and instead, must be dipped in a body of water to insert water. The blaster lacks a trigger, and is a push-and-pull blaster similar to the Nerf Blast-a-Ball and Blast-a-Matic. The blaster has a handle at the bottom of the blaster with a grip for the player to hold onto while priming the blaster. It is so far the only blaster in the X-Shot line to fire darts and use a push-and-pull system. It holds nine darts in its front barrel, and is one of the first nine-shot blasters to be released. As the blaster is packaged with ten darts, it is unknown why the blaster can hold only nine.

The blaster itself has a small trigger grip in front of its handle, and the blaster uses a similar air system to the Buzz Bee Air Tek 8, which has led some to believe it was inspired by it. The two blasters share strong resemblances and even feature similar capacities. On the top of the blaster is a makeshift Tactical rail, although no accessories have been released in the X-Shot line that would be compatible with said rail. The blaster features an iron sight on the top, which lines up with the rail.


This blaster was one of the first three blasters to be released under the X-Shot line in 2011, alongside the Stealth and Thundershot.

In late 2013, three new X-Shot lines were introduced (X-Shot Excel, X-Shot Pink Series, and X-Shot Zombie), consisting of some re-released versions of previous X-Shot blasters as well as new blasters. The Sidewinder was one of the few blasters not to make an appearance in any of the lines, which may indicate it has been dropped from future plans. The Sidewinder was also not re-released in 2013 with updated internals and claims of sixty-five foot ranges like the Stealth was.

Cancelled upgrade

The Sidewinder would have been re-released in 2012 alongside the then-new Dual and Turbo-Fire with slight upgrades, among them being the addition of a disc function. The blaster would have been able to fire discs from the blaster as well as darts. It can be assumed the water portion of the blaster was removed, but according to a sole photo of the upgrade's box on the internet, it still retained the water function. This photo is now very hard to find. A button was also added on the side of the blaster, which could have hinted towards a detachable clip. In the end, though, due to a combination of the poor sales of the Sidewinder and a lack of interest in the disc functions, the upgraded version of the blaster was eventually cancelled.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Sidewinder, simply insert nine darts into the front barrel of the blaster. To reload the Sidewinder's water capacity, insert the blaster into a body of water. Once the front end of the blaster has been inserted, pull back the handle of the blaster to prime it.

Push the handle forward to fire a dart or the water.