An Alpha Trooper CS-12's slam fire mechanism.

Slam fire (alternatively slam-fire), or rapid fire, is a type of firing mode that allows darts to fire more rapidly on certain Nerf blasters. The first blaster to feature the ability to slam fire was the Raider CS-35.


Normally, slide action requires that the priming slide be racked back and forth and then the trigger be pulled in a separate motion for each shot. Slam fire entails holding down the trigger, and then racking the slide to fire the dart immediately. In skipping the separate trigger pull, time is saved and the user achieves some semblance of rapid fire.

To slam fire properly, the blaster must be loaded properly and the firing trigger must be held down. The blaster should then be repeatedly primed; every time it is primed, a dart will fly out. With practice, Nerfers can become very comfortable slam firing and launch a steady spray of flowing darts. A skilled Nerfer can beat the rate of fire of an unmodified Stampede ECS by slam firing.

In some cases, slam firing is achieved at the expense of accuracy and range, but may be worth it depending on the combat situation.


If a blaster is slam fired too fast, it may jam up and wreck darts. This usually happens when it is done for the first time on a blaster. Users should also not attempt to slam fire on blasters that normally cannot slam fire, as it can possibly break the blaster's priming mechanisms. The type of clip and the way the darts are loaded in can also contribute to jams.


A slam fire mechanism is a type of safety lock that coincidentally or intentionally doubles as a secondary fire. It is composed of three basic parts: the firing trigger, the slam trigger, and the return lock. The trigger and slam trigger act as a double requirement for the blaster to fire, hence the reason it is a safety lock. The slam trigger requires that the priming handle or slide is put completely forward. Only then do the two parts completely make contact with each other and can finally push the catch to fire the dart. The last piece is the return lock that prevents the priming handle from being pushed back, i.e. primed twice, without firing the blaster. This piece is not completely necessary to slam fire the blaster, but it does help prevent jams, shredded darts, and other user error.


Fanning is essentially like slam fire, but it can only be done on a hammer-action blaster. Fanning a blaster is where the user either pulls the hammer back fast and releases it fast as well. Another way to do this is by holding down the trigger, and pulling the hammer down all the way, and releasing it. Due to how it works, there is no easy way to tell how far darts will go, but mostly, the darts will gain less distance than normally firing the blaster.

Blasters that can slam fire

Technical slam fire blasters

The following are blasters that have the ability to slam fire, but are not advertised as such.


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