A Smart Stick Dart is a type of BOOMco. dart.


Smart Stick Darts are very much unlike other ammunition used by dart blasters. They are made out of a straw-like plastic material and do not feature the use of foam. While they are the same length of a Nerf Elite Dart, they are slightly thinner, and are not compatible with other foam dart blasters.[1]

Their namesake comes from their dart head, engineered by Mattel chemists, which sticks to special "Smart Stick" surfaces. These surfaces are found on Smart Stick Targets, as well as the 2-In-1 Bandolier and multiple Smart Stick Shields packaged with BOOMco. blasters. They cannot stick to other surfaces, such as windows, walls, etc., like Micro Darts or Suction Darts can.

However,the poor air tightness makes the blasters which use this kind of darts have shorter shooting ranges than other brands' blasters which use foam darts and have better air tightness.

Color schemes

The Smart Stick Dart has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Red body, blue head
  • Red/black body, black head
  • Green body, black head
  • Green/blue body, blue head
  • Blue body, green head
  • Blue/red body, red head
  • Black body, red head

Refill sizes

Smart Stick Dart refill packs can be purchased in the following sizes:

Size Price
BOOMcodarts 16 7.99 USD
UltimateDartPack 100 24.99 USD


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