The Smart Stick Target is a Mattel BOOMco. accessory. One comes packaged with every BOOMco. blaster; they can also be purchased separately in a refill pack.[1]


Smart Stick Targets are similar to stickers and wall decals and can be placed on most surfaces, including clothing. It is not recommended to place Smart Stick Targets on walls and furniture, as they may damage the surface.[1][2]

Targets come in two sizes: 6" (15.24 cm) and 9" (22.86 cm).[1] There are also eight variations of the target; five can be found within the refill pack, whereas the others can only be found by purchasing certain BOOMco. blasters.

Refill sizes

Smart Stick Target refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
SmartStickTargetsbox 5 4.99 USD


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