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The snorkel set is a Nerf Super Soaker product that was released in 2013 under the Storm Series.

It is advertised to be part of the Swim and Play Technology line.


It is a set of eye glasses and a snorkel meant to be worn when swimming. The glasses themselves are black and orange, with a Nerf logo on the outside, restricting vision from the inside. The snorkel is a typical snorkel that one would find in most stores. They seem to be made of plastic, and are very similar to the general bargain-brand items.

The snorkel is advertised to be latex-free, while the glasses are said to be made with shatter-resistant polycarbonite with an adjustable silicone strap. It is more than likely not actually made by Hasbro like many non-foam Nerf and Super Soaker accessories.


Like the swimming goggles, this set did not receive a major release. It was first discovered in December of 2013 on an eBay auction.

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