SoakerTag Elite is a series of Hasbro Super Soakers that began in 2005.


This series features an expansion of the previous year's SoakerTag line; all new soakers were designed for competitive team play and all came packaged with SoakerTags. These were accompanied by several re-releases from the previous SoakerTag, Max-D and XP lines.


The oldest soakers in the series are the XP-220 and the XP-310, initially released in 2000 under the XP series. Two of the four products were released under a later series, and one is still being produced in a distant form.

A strange hybrid blaster set was released in 2006 when the Defender was released in a blaster set with the Max Infusion Aquapack and SoakerTags, with both SoakerTag Elite and Max Infusion packaging. This was the last reference to the SoakerTag lines in any product.


Super Soakers

Name Year
AquapackDevastatorSoakerTagElite Aquapack Devastator 2005
ArcticShockSoakerTagElite Arctic Shock 2005
FlashFloodSoakerTagElite Flash Flood 2005
HelixSoakerTagElite Helix 2005
HydroBladeSoakerTagElite Hydro Blade 2005
LiquidatorSoakerTagElite Liquidator/Pressurizer 2005
MaxD2000SoakerTagElite Max-D 2000 2005
MaxD3000TwinPackSoakerTagElite Max-D 3000 2005
MaxD5000TwinPackSoakerTagElite Max-D 5000 2005
MaxD6000TwinPackSoakerTagElite Max-D 6000 2005
MaxDSecretStrikeSoakerTagElite Secret Strike 2005
SplashfireSoakerTagElite Splash Fire 2005
TripleAgressorSoakerTagElite Triple Aggressor 2005
TripleShotSoakerTagElite Triple Shot 2005
VaporizerSoakerTagElite Vaporizer 2005
XP220TwinPack2 XP-220 2005
XP310SoakerTagElite XP-310 2005
DefenderSoakerTagElite Defender 2006

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