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Soaker Wars is a series of Hasbro Super Soakers that began in 2010.


This series features a new type of lineup, this time exclusively designed for water warfare. Most new soakers in the series were piston-based (with the exception of the Hydro Fury), and came in red and blue. Like with past series, several previously-released series were inducted into this series as well.


The oldest soaker in the series is the XP-215, initially released in 2001 under the XP series. Blasters new to this series were all later re-released under the Nerf Super Soaker line.


Super Soakers

Image Name Year
ArcticShockSoakerWars Arctic Shock 2010
BottleBlitzSoakerTagBlue Bottle Blitz 2010
HydroFurySoakerTag Hydro Fury 2010
MaxD3000SoakerWars Max-D 3000 2010
MaxD6000SoakerWars Max-D 6000 2010
HelixSoakerWars Max Infusion Helix 2010
QuickBlastTwinPackSoakerWars Quick Blast 2010
Rattlerbox Rattler 2010
ShotBlastSoakerWarsBlue Shot Blast 2010
Splashfire Splash Fire 2010
XP215SoakerWars XP-215 2010

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