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Spectre REV-5
Blaster typeSingle-fire reverse plunger dart blasterSpectre REV-5
Ammunition typeWhistler Darts
FeaturesPackaged barrel extension, packaged shoulder stock, one tactical rail, one strap point
Firing rangeThe Spectre can shoot thirty to forty feet, which is good for its relatively small cocking distance. Slightly further ranges can be achieved when using Whistler Darts; on average, it shoots forty-five feet with Whistler Darts.
ReliabilityIf fully cocked, this blaster works perfectly, and is very comfortable. However, sometimes if the Spectre is not fully cocked, the darts will not fire out of the barrel. Cocking the blaster too fast may also jam the blaster. Jams are most due to human error, but using clip-system barrel extensions may also cause jams.
This blaster is accurate up to thirty feet; some shots will fly to the left or right, however. It seems to be more accurate with Whistler Darts.
Rate of fireThis blaster can shoot two to three darts a second if one's hand is on the slide, as opposed to supporting the blaster. It is fairly easy to cock and the trigger pull is only a half inch. When reloading times are taken into account, the rate of fire is considerably less.
CapacityThis blaster holds five darts at once. This is rather lacking, given that most other revolvers on the market have at least six shots. This cripples the blasters capabilities as a primary weapon considerably.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Spectre REV-5 improves on most aspects of the Maverick, except of course, the capacity. It will run out of ammo faster than most other revolvers, so it struggles when used as a primary.

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