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Spectre REV-5
Blaster typeSingle-fire direct plunger dart blasterSpectre REV-5 NSE
Ammunition typeElite Darts
FeaturesPackaged barrel extension, packaged shoulder stock, one tactical rail, one strap point
Firing rangeThe Spectre has a flat firing range up to about fifty feet. With the barrel extension attached, the blaster has the same ranges.[1]
ReliabilityThe Spectre rarely jams, only doing so if the darts are not correctly inserted into the barrel.
Rate of fireThe Spectre has a firing range of about two darts per second, if the user keeps their hand on the slide.
CapacityThe blaster holds up to five darts in its rotating barrel.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Spectre, while having a slightly underwhelming capacity and firing range for an N-Strike Elite blaster, makes a powerful and versatile sidearm and is recommended for Nerfers who want a highly customizable secondary.


  1. Randomshadow09 (2013-08-15). Nerf N-Strike Elite Spectre REV-5 - Range Test (Stock).

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