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Not to be confused with Speedload 6.


An example of a Speedloader; this particular variant was designed to work with the Nite Finder EX-3.

A speedloader is a dart-reloading tool commonly used with modified single-fire blasters. As the name suggests, they help reduce reload times and improve a blaster's rate of fire. They fit onto the end of a blaster's barrel and house darts ready to be fired. They are often only compatible with blasters that are given a coupler mod; certain blasters may accept speedloaders in their muzzle with little-to-no modification required.


They are created by using a single CPVC pipe or connecting multiple pieces of CPVC pipe to each other via hot glue, epoxy, duct tape, etc.; if using multiple pipes, enough space should be left for a coupler on the end, which is attached to the blaster's custom pipe barrel. Each CPVC pipe should extend further than the other on at least one side, however both should be the same length.

Speedloaders can be created in many different layout styles; popular speedloader setups are dual speedloaders and turreted speedloaders.

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