The Speedswarm is a fully automatic Nerf blaster that was released in 2011 under the Dart Tag series. It is powered by six "AA" batteries.

It comes packaged with ten Tagger Micro Whistler Darts.


The Speedswarm holds up to ten darts at a time. It is designed for fully automatic firing; however, the slow rate of fire effectively allows the user to release one shot per trigger pull. It has two sling attachment points: one on the bottom of the handle and one on the upper rear end of the blaster.

It resembles the Swarmfire and is slightly larger and bulkier than the Maverick REV-6. Like the Swarmfire, it cannot be primed manually. Unlike the Swarmfire, there is no on/off button.


In 2013, a blaster was released under the Rebelle line known as the Powerbelle, which is extremely similar to the Speedswarm; it used almost the exact same shell, but with a different color scheme.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Speedswarm, load up to ten darts into the muzzle cylinder.

Pull the trigger to fire darts.


  • It is possible to dual-wield the Speedswarm. However, dual-reloading is less convenient than with clip-fed blasters, as it is loaded by the muzzle cylinder, rather than a clip.
  • Unlike the Swarmfire, the Speedswarm's trigger has always been blue so it was not re-released.
  • With regular alkaline batteries, the Speedswarm is ironically named. Its lower rate of fire is likely due to the larger spring load when compared to that of the Swarmfire. However, fed by a full load of six IMR batteries, its rate of fire rises to a decent level. With these and supporting mods (air restrictor, O-ring, spring, and motor replacements), the Speedswarm could arguably be made viable enough for Nerf combat.


Official videos


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