The Sport Shades are a Nerf product that was released in 1994 under the Nerf Sports series.


They are designed to protect eyesight of a user. The Sport Shades have a very 1990's-esque design. Both lenses are in one single piece joined at the center. As well as functioning just as glasses, the Sport Shades come with a strap to attach the shades to the neck of the user. UVA and UVB rays are also protected from the eyes of those wearing the Sport Shades. The Nerf logo can be seen in the center of the glasses.

Though it is unknown what purpose it serves, a small yellow piece is seen dangling from the front of the shades. This could perhaps be the aforementioned strap.


The Sport Shades are the first of several different types of eyewear that would be released under the Nerf brand, including 2004's Dart Tag Vision Gear and eventually 2015's RIVAL Face Mask.

It is entirely possible that more color schemes of this product were released that have yet to be discovered. Because of the likely low survival rate of cheap glasses from the 1990's, the Sport Shades have become an incredibly rare product today.

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