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Stampede ECS
Blaster typeSingle-fire clip system motorized direct plunger dart blasterStampede
Ammunition typeStreamline Darts
FeaturesPackaged Blast Shield, packaged pop-out bipod, integrated carry handle, integrated shoulder stock, six tactical rails, four strap points
Firing rangeThe Stampede can fire up to ranges of thirty to forty feet, thanks to its direct plunger system. Ranges of forty-five feet can be achieved if the blaster is at an extreme angle. Damaged our poorly-made darts will not shoot further than twenty feet.
ReliabilityThis blaster shouldn't jam unless damaged or poorly-made darts are used. Sometimes the blaster has a part in the firing mechanism that can cause darts to get jammed. However, if the darts are inserted correctly, it is not likely to jam. Shaking the Stampede while firing may prevent the blaster from firing.

The Stampede can only be used if powered by batteries and cannot be manually fired. Like other battery-powered blasters, low battery power can make the Stampede less reliable. The blaster has a short lag between priming itself and firing the dart, not long, but enough to give warning to a dart being fired.

Being a clip system blaster, the Stampede isn't very accurate. But its rate of fire makes accuracy less of a necessity.
Rate of fireThe Stampede fires around three darts a second when using fresh batteries. Using high quality batteries will ram up the rate of fire to four darts per second. Increasing the voltage in the blaster will result in a higher rate of fire, but can result in damage to the motor.
CapacityThe blaster holds up to eighteen darts in one of its included eighteen dart clips. The Stampede comes packaged with three of these, as well as a standard six dart clip.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Stampede is an excellent all-round blaster, lacking only accuracy. It is a match for the Swarmfire and the Vulcan EBF-25. It was one of the first electronic clip system blasters and paved the way for future blasters.

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