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SeriesN-Strike Elite
Blaster typeDart blaster (flywheel system)
Stock ammunition typeElite Darts
Stock capacity10
Year released2012
Average retail price24.99 GBP

The Stockade is a Nerf blaster that was released on August 1, 2012[1] under the N-Strike Elite series.

It comes packaged with a detachable shoulder stock, ten Elite Darts and instructions. It requires three AA batteries to operate.

The Stockade will be released in the US in Fall 2013 as a Walmart exclusive. [2]


It is a semi-automatic flywheel blaster that has a ten dart rotating barrel. The detachable stock can hold an additional ten Elite Darts. The Stockade only has one tactical rail, which is located on top of the blaster.

The power switch is located on the left side of the blaster, under the battery compartment. [3] The blaster also features a jam door which allows for quick and easy access if a dart jam occurs. The blaster automatically turns off if the jam door is opened.

The Stockade has a smaller space between the flywheels, which causes more friction on the darts. This allows darts to shoot further.


The Stockade is a successor to the N-Strike Barricade RV-10. When it is released in the US, it will also be replacing the Spectre REV-5 as Walmart's exclusive blaster.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Stockade, first turn off the power to the blaster by flipping the power switch/safety lock. Load up to ten darts in the blaster's turret. Turn the blaster back on and pull the trigger to fire.

Try to restrict turning on the power switch to only when firing or preparing to fire. This will preserve battery power and playing time.

This blaster will not accept Micro Darts due to their dart heads being too big to fit into the flywheels.


Medium blaster
Firing range10/10The Stockade has a firing range of forty to fifty feet flat.[4] Like the rest of the N-Strike Elite series, it can fire up to seventy-five feet if angled.
Accuracy9/10The Stockade is very accurate. On occasion, darts will fishtail out of control.
Reliability8/10Like its predecessor blaster, the Stockade will occasionally jam due to the flywheel. The darts also have a tendency to fishtail at higher ranges. However, the motor sound has been improved and is much quieter than the Barricade's.Also, if the trigger pull is too slow, darts will bend and jam.
Rate of fire10/10The Stockade has the same rate of fire as the Barricade. Up to four darts a second can be fired if one can pull the trigger fast enough. Range decreases by a few inches if the blaster is fired as fast as the user can pull the trigger, due to the flywheels slowing down from inertia. If the user wants the blaster to fire at its maximum range, a short pause should be given between shots to let the flywheels get back to full speed. The best firing speed to go at is two to three darts per second.
Capacity10/10The Stockade can hold up to twenty darts at a time: ten in the blaster itself, as well as another ten darts in its shoulder stock.
Final score
9.3/10While the Stockade still suffers from a few problems that the Barricade had, it is an improvement over its predecessor.


  • The motors are quieter compared to the Barricade and the Rayven CS-18.
  • Darts can be loaded in backwards; however, this causes a huge range decrease.
  • Despite the box showing the Stockade with digital camo, the Stockade does not feature it.
  • The instruction manuals show the Stockade using Whistler Darts even though it comes with Elite Darts.
  • This is the first revolver to come packaged with darts that are clip system compatible.
  • The Stockade does not have the common RV-X extension after its name.



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