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Blaster typeSingle-fire flywheel system dart blasterStockade
Ammunition typeElite Darts
FeaturesPackaged shoulder stock, one tactical rail, one strap point
Firing rangeThe Stockade has a firing range of forty to fifty feet flat.[1] Like the rest of the N-Strike Elite series, it can fire up to seventy-five feet if angled.
ReliabilityLike its predecessor blaster, the Stockade will occasionally jam due to the flywheel. The darts also have a tendency to fishtail at higher ranges. However, the motor sound has been improved and is much quieter than the Barricade's. Also, if the trigger pull is too slow, darts will bend and jam.
The Stockade is very accurate. On occasion, darts will fishtail out of control, although this is a common problem with flywheel blasters.
Rate of fireThe Stockade has the same rate of fire as the Barricade. Up to four darts a second can be fired if one can pull the trigger fast enough. Range decreases by a few inches if the blaster is fired as fast as the user can pull the trigger, due to the flywheels slowing down from inertia. If the user wants the blaster to fire at its maximum range, a short pause should be given between shots to let the flywheels get back to full speed. The best firing speed to go at is two to three darts per second.
CapacityThe Stockade can hold up to twenty darts at a time; ten in the blaster itself, as well as another ten darts in its shoulder stock.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassWhile the Stockade still suffers from a few problems that the Barricade had, it is an improvement over its predecessor. The Stockade is a decent blaster that could hold its own ground in battle, although superior N-Strike Elite blasters have since been released.


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