The Storm Series is a sub-series of Nerf Super Soakers that began in 2011.


This series features soakers that are "powered by PowerSoak Technology"; all of the soakers are powered by battery. They are the first motorized soaker released by Hasbro.


The name was first used in 2012, despite electronic water blasters existing before then. Repackaging of 2011 electronic Super Soakers have included the Storm Series brand. Because of this, although the Thunderstorm is part of the Storm Series, it predates the release of the line.

The 2013 Swimming Goggles and Snorkel Set were advertised to feature "Swim & Play Technology", an obvious play on PowerSoak Technology. These products did not receive a widespread release, however. These were the only Storm Series releases from 2013.

Storm Series products

Super Soakers

Name Year
Supersoakertstorm Thunderstorm 2011
Electrostorm Electrostorm 2012
P1030968 Lightningstorm 2012
HydrostormOriginal Hydrostorm 2014


Name Year
SwimmingGoggles white Swimming Goggles 2013
SnorkelSet Snorkel Set 2013

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