The Stormshield is an upcoming tactical rail accessory that will be released under the TekStrike series.


The Stormshield itself is a shield with built-in Bluetooth technology which allows it to track information during Nerf wars when Smart Darts are being used. It has a screen near the rear which displays the player's score, as well as their remaining life.

It is compatible with a smart phone; when used in conjunction with the TekStrike app, the user has the ability to "change weapons", as well as upgrade them, and carry out "missions". Like other Nerf apps, it also uses the phone's camera to display a HUD for "full video game experience".

The shield can also be used as a target when not attached to a blaster.


Alongside the TekStrike series, it was first revealed at the 2014 New York Toy Fair. It was, as well as the Smart Dart, the first product in the series.

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