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Blaster typeSingle-fire reverse plunger dart blasterNerf-strikefire
Ammunition typeTagger Micro Darts
FeaturesIntegrated five dart storage, one reverse tactical rail
Firing rangeThe range for this blaster is surprisingly good for its size, firing about twenty-five to thirty-five feet depending on what darts are used.[1][2] Streamline Darts fire a few feet farther than the packaged darts, but tend to lose out on accuracy considerably when compared with Micro Darts.
ReliabilityThe Strikefire cannot jam. The darts tend to go over the target, which is cause by the way the grip is held in the hand. The inverted tactical rail is very useful and can be attached perfectly onto many other blasters.[3] With practice, a user can accommodate for this, making the blaster accurate to very respectable distances.
Rate of fireThis blaster shoots about one dart every two seconds (depending on user's skill and speed).
CapacityThis blaster holds up to six darts at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Strikefire is an average blaster. It has a good balance of size and capacity, making it a solid sidearm choice if space or concealment are a necessity.


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