The Strikefire 2-Player Duel System is a Nerf product set that was released in 2008 under the Dart Tag series.

It comes packaged with two Strikefire blasters, two pairs of Vision Gear, two Dart Tag vests, ten Dart Tag Darts, and instructions.


There exists two versions of the Duel System. One comes packaged with the older red and blue versions of the vest and Strikefire, whereas the other comes packaged with the newer green and orange versions of the vest and Strikefire.


It was succeeded by the 2-Player Starter Pack in 2011, which included the Sharp Shot instead of the Strikefire.

Value packs

A value pack of the Strikefire 2-Player Duel System exists known as the NDTL Strikefire Super Value Pack. This value pack includes two official Nerf Dart Tag League Dart Tag vests, two ammunition bags, and ten extra darts, as well as the regular contents of the blaster.


Official videos

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