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Strongheart Bow
Blaster typeSingle-fire pull-and-release dart blasterStrongheartBow
Ammunition typeCollectible Darts, Secret Message Darts
FeaturesOne tactical rail
Firing rangeThe Strongheart Bow has a firing range from forty to fifty feet, if the string is pulled back all the way.[citation needed]
ReliabilityThe Strongheart Bow cannot jam due to its firing mechanism. Using Tagger Micro Darts or Tagger Micro Whistler Dart will cause the blaster to fire multiple darts at a time.[citation needed]
Rate of fireThe Strongheart Bow has a firing range of up to two darts per second.
CapacityThe Strongheart Bow can hold up to four darts at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Strongheart Bow is an improvement over the Heartbreaker Bow due to a higher capacity, but it is outmatched by other modern blasters due to their better range.

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