The Stunt Darts with Launch Blaster set is a Buzz Bee dart blaster set that was released under the Air Warriors Flying Toys series.

It comes packaged with three Stunt Darts of different sizes.


The Stunt Darts with Launch Blaster set features a small blaster with three different types of ammunition, which appear to be a cross between Micro Darts and arrows; a similar idea was featured with Nerf Sonic Jets.

The included blaster is a very small, single-fire blaster that lacks a proper barrel. Instead, it features slits on the side of its barrel to allow the wings of the included Stunt Darts to fit onto the blaster. It is similar in size to a Tek 3, and uses a very similar cocking mechanism. The blaster is advertised to fire up to twenty to thirty feet.


This set was among the first products to be discovered in the Air Warriors Flying Toys line. It was first discovered in January, 2014.


The Stunt Darts is perhaps most notable for its included ammunition; three new types of darts, all of which featuring wings. The darts come in three different sizes, with each dart having a different wings.

The smallest dart, which has the largest dart head, features two smaller wings and is advertised to have "crazy, corkscrew spins". The mid-size dart features a similar dart head to the smallest dart, although it features much wider wings with a large wingspan. The dart is advertised to make "wild stunt maneuvers". The largest dart has the smallest dart head and wings similar to the mid-size dart, although smoother at the front. The dart is advertised to fly in "loops and spins".

Wingz Dart Launcher


In July 2014, a variation of the Stunt Darts blaster was discovered as a blaster in the Wingz series under the title Dart Launcher. This variant features a slightly different mold as well as an altered priming mechanism; the folding priming mechanism has been removed, instead replaced by a simple direct priming mechanism. It also has a slightly different internal setup.[1]

The Dart Launcher is packaged with three Bird Darts, darts that feature wings on the side of them, going along with the theme of the series. It features a purple color scheme to appeal to the younger female demographic. The blaster is advertised to fire up to thirty feet.

Color schemes

The Stunt Darts blaster has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Green and orange
  • Purple and white (Dart Launcher)

Reloading and firing

To reload the Launch Blaster, load up to one dart in the front of the blaster. Pull back the priming rod on the back of the blaster to prime it.

Pull the trigger to fire a dart.


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