The Air Bazooka, or AirBazooka, is an Air Zone blaster that was released in 1998.

It comes packaged with two missiles.


The Air Bazooka is an air-powered blaster that fires missiles similar to Buzz Bee missiles. It features a very basic set of internals, including a very small tank for the blaster's size.


Controversy surrounding the Air Bazooka has existed for years within the Nerfing community. Only a few images of the blaster and its packaging exist online. Since the mid 2000s, the blaster had gone around online with the name SuperMAXX Buzzer Air Bazooka, as a Nerf release within the SuperMAXX line of blasters. Despite this claim, no images of a Nerf rendition of the blaster or its packaging have ever been released online.

Color schemes

The Air Bazooka has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Purple and red
  • Blue and red
  • Black, silver, and red[1]
  • Pink[2]

Reloading and firing

To reload the Air Bazooka, simply insert one missile into the muzzle of the blaster. Pump the blaster several times to prime it.

Pull the firing trigger to fire a missile.



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