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SuperMAXX Disc Shooter
Blaster typeSingle-fire disc blasterSuperMAXXDiscShooterLightDamage
Ammunition typeDiscs
Firing rangeThis blaster's max firing range is about thirty feet.[1] However, due to the way the included discs are made, they often never reach this distance. The range is also hurt severely with even the slightest breeze, making the blaster difficult to use outside.[2]
ReliabilityThe Disc Shooter frequently jams. It has very poor accuracy because the discs easily go off course.
Rate of fireThis blaster's rate of fire is about one disc per second and a half.
CapacityThis blaster can hold up to six discs at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailThe SuperMAXX Disc Shooter is one of the first disc-firing blasters created by Nerf. Despite this, it has no positive aspects aside from capacity and, apart from for collecting reasons, it is highly suggested to avoid this blaster.


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