The Super Charger 600 is a Larami Super Soaker that was released in 1999 under the Super Charger series.

It comes included with a Quick-Fill Device.


The Super Charger 600 is the mid-sized blaster of the line, larger than the Super Charger 500 and 400 models. Like the 500, however, the 600 features a port on the front of the barrel so that it could be attached to a Q.F.D. for fast fill-ups, and the water tank has a lid so that it could be filled up the old-fashioned way.

Color schemes

The Super Charger 600 has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Beige, orange, and grey
  • Blue, orange, and grey

Reloading and firing

The Super Charger 600 can be reloaded either through normal means with the water tank, or by connecting it to the Q.F.D. From there, the user would pump the blaster several times until it is fully pressurized. Afterwards, the user can press the trigger to fire a stream of water.



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