The current Super Soaker logo.


Not to be confused with the Nerf Super Soaker series.

Super Soaker is a brand of water blasters and water-based products currently owned by Hasbro.



It was invented by Lonnie Johnson in 1984, who brought the idea to Larami in 1989, which they formed into a brand. Initially known as Power Drencher, it was renamed to Super Soaker and Power Soaker (depending on the model) in 1990. The iconic Super Soaker 50 and Super Soaker 100 models were the first to be introduced under the line. The Super Soaker line featured air-pressured blasters and the Power Soaker line featured piston-powered blasters. This would continue until the Power Soaker line was dropped and merged into the Super Soaker line.

It was owned by Larami for twenty years; Hasbro bought and took over the Super Soaker brand in 2002. It remained a separate brand under Hasbro's power until the Super Soaker brand merged into the Nerf brand in 2010 to become Nerf Super Soaker, which it is currently marketed as.

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