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A screenshot of the game.


Super Soaker Drench Zone is an online game on the Nerf website.


The player's objective is to soak three opposing teams and be crowned the "Super Soaker Drench Zone Champs". The game allows the player to choose from three soakers at the start of the game, and shortly after, the game begins. The first opponents of the game are the Rogue Raiders. Their team hides behind a tree-fort; among the team members is a monkey, who will award team five points every time it is hit.

The next team, the Street Skaters, hide behind a skate park. Once again, the monkey, now donning a red mohawk, is a part of their team and is worth five points when struck.

The final opponents are the Sand Sharks, a team that are equipped with various scuba equipment. The monkey, now donning a sombrero, is once again a source of five points. After defeating the Sand Sharks, the player's team will be crowned the champions.

An important aspect of the game is the power-ups, which are a necessity to stay alive. The sun power-up lowers the player's wetness meter, which will result in a game over if filled completely. The water power-up refills the player's soaker, which can run out rather easily, depending on which soaker is being used.


At the beginning of the game, this message appears before the title screen;

"There's an extreme NERF SUPER SOAKER tournament going down and the ELITE squad needs your help.

Soak all three opposing teams before your squad gets drenched and you'll be crowned the Super Soaker: Drench Zone Champs."

Featured Super Soakers


  • The game addresses the Lightningstorm as the Lightning Storm, despite the Thunderstorm and Electrostorm retaining their titles without the spacing.
  • During the game, the player's team's avatar clearly shows a squad member using a Microburst, although it is not available to play with.