The Super Soaker 300 (SS300 for short, nicknamed "The Big One!") is a Larami Super Soaker that was released in 1993.


The Super Soaker 300 is an air-powered soaker featuring a backpack-style water reservoir that the user wears on their back. The backpack reservoir is connected to the soaker itself through a hose with an adjustable tank valve. The SS300 has three tanks, which are filled with water from the reservoir by pumping it, which also pressurizes it. Firing the soaker is done by pulling back a lever on top of the barrel.


The Super Soaker 300 was released in 1993, and was considered the most powerful Super Soaker until 1996, when the CPS 2000 Mk. I was released, taking that title.

It was re-released in 1994 under the XP series as the XP-300. Nothing much is known about this re-release, other than the fact that it was advertised on the back of the packaging of certain Super Soaker products of the time period.

Color schemes

The Super Soaker 300 has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Super Soaker 300 (purple, blue, and yellow)
  • XP-300 (beige, purple, blue, and yellow)
  • XP-300 (beige, yellow, red, and blue)


  • The SS300 was the first Super Soaker to feature a backpack-based reservoir system.



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