The Super Stripes Collection is a sub-series of Nerf Rebelle blasters that was released in fall of 2014.

Blasters released under this sub-series are Toys "R" Us exclusives.


The Super Stripes Collection is the second sub-series to be released under the main Rebelle series. It features blasters with a white, black, blue, purple, and orange color scheme. Blasters feature zebra-stripe patterns on their shells. Collectible Darts released with these blasters feature this same color scheme.

There is currently only one truly original blaster in the line; the other two blasters are mild updates of pre-existing blasters.

Super Stripes Collection products


Name Year
FiveByFive Five-By-Five 2014
RapidGlow Rapid Glow 2014
WildGlam Wild Glam 2014


Name Year
WildGlamSet Wild Glam Set 2014

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