The Swarmfire shoulder stock is a Nerf detachable shoulder stock that was released in 2011 under the Dart Tag series.

It comes packaged with the Swarmfire and cannot be purchased separately.


The Swarmfire shoulder stock is a detachable stock that cannot hold clips or drums. It is removed by pulling down on the orange button, like the Recon and Raider shoulder stock. It features a matching color scheme to the Swarmfire of orange, gray and black.

Unlike other detachable shoulder stocks, it cannot be used in any blaster other than the Swarmfire.

Color schemes

The Swarmfire shoulder stock has been released with the following color schemes:


  • It is the first detachable accessory since the Sawtooth scope and barrel extension to only be compatible with its patron blaster.
  • It is similar in design to the Longstrike CS-6's shoulder stock, however, the Longstrike CS-6's cannot be removed without some screw removal and disassembly.
  • This was the only accessory out of the entire 2011 Dart Tag lineup, not counting the Sharp Shot's belt clip.
  • It was the first and so far only detachable stock from the Dart Tag line.