Not to be confused with the 1994 Nerf Action Switchfire.

The Switchfire is a small pocket Nerf blaster that was released in 1996 under the Rip Rockets series.

It comes packaged with three Micro Darts.


This blaster features two barrels which are manually rotated to fire either dart. Interestingly, the Switchfire features no spring, and instead is entirely self-powered. It also has a single dart holder located under the blaster.

Despite being released under a later year than most Rip Rockets blasters, it did not fit in with the "stealthy" items in the Ambush Rip Rockets line released the previous year and is generally believed to be just in the regular line.


The Switchfire was released alongside the Whipshot in November 1996. The two blasters were the last released in the Rip Rockets line.

It shares its name with an unrelated blaster.

It was re-released alongside the Hidden Shot, Wrist Blitzer and Backlash sometime prior 2000 according to online sources. It was sold until at least 2001.[3]


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