The Swivel Launcher is a small turret-like promotional Nerf blaster. It was only available during November 2009 at McDonalds restaurants.

It comes packaged with two Launcher Darts and two small targets.


As its name suggests, the blaster can be adjusted to fire at a number of different angles while still remaining stationary. One dart is held in the barrel of the blaster, whereas the second dart can be placed into a dart holder on top of the blaster. It is fired by pressing a button located at the end of the blaster.

Despite not being an official part of the series, it features the N-Strike logo.[1] The N-Strike logo can also be seen on the packaging of the blaster.


It was one of four promotional blasters released for one month in 2009 at participating McDonalds restaurants, alongside the Cannon Launcher, Double Launcher, and Range Launcher.


Due to its status as a promotional blaster that is not intended for serious performance, the blaster is incredibly difficult to modify. The simple internals and small shell of the blaster leave it alongside the rest of the McDonalds promotional blasters relatively difficult to make any large changes. At most, a spring replacement can be made.

Like many McDonalds toys, the McDonalds Nerf blasters feature triangular-headed screws, which are rather uncommon.[2] It is also rare to find screwdrivers compatible with triangular-headed screws. Because of this, getting into the blaster can be very frustrating.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Swivel Launcher, simply insert one Launcher Dart into the front barrel of the blaster. Make sure to correctly align the dart so that it fits within the blaster. Be careful to press the dart fully into the barrel or it will not catch.

Push down the firing button at the back of the blaster to fire a dart.


  • While common for McDonalds toys, this is one of the few blasters to be sold in a polybag.



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