The Table Hockey set is a Nerf product set that was released in 1987 .

It comes packaged with two goals, one puck, two puck strikers and the required assembly parts to set up the game.[1] As a bonus, some versions of this package also contained a free Nerf wrist wallet.


It allows players to play table hockey on any table-like surface. It, like several of the other sets around the time such as the Indoor Ping-Pong set, required a long period of set-up time to be able to be played. This is because it is to be mounted on a table, instead of having its own separate support piece.


In 1997, it was given a spiritual successor in the form of the Nerf Sports Head 2 Head Goalie Showdown set. This set was another version of table hockey, this time with players shooting pucks at the opposing player and into their net.

Yet another successor appeared in 2003 under the title Hot Shots Hockey which returned to the original format of pucks and puck strikers.

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