The tactical rail on the barrel extension of the Recon.


For the RIVAL feature of the same name, see Tactical rail (RIVAL).

A tactical rail is a feature found on most modern Nerf blasters.


Tactical rails can be used to attach certain accessories to the blaster; this includes scopes, shields, flip-up sights, grips, ammunition storage accessories, and more. On some blasters, the tactical rail can be used as a crude form of iron sights.


The first tactical rail was found on the 2003 Scout IX-3.

Blasters with tactical rails

Nerf blasters

Super Soakers


  • The Nerf tactical rail seems to be styled similarly to the Picatinny rail system commonly found on real/BB/airsoft guns. The two are not compatible and Picatinny-based gear can only be mounted on a Nerf blaster with modification of the rail.
  • The Stampede ECS currently has the greatest number of tactical rails found on any Nerf blaster: six.

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