The Tag-a-Tail Game Set is a Nerf product that was released in 1997 under the Nerf Jr. series.


Tag-a-Tail is a game for smaller children that includes four "tails" that are attached to the bodies of players. The game itself is a variation of Flag Football with only the flags. Children are meant to run around in a circle and try to remove the tails of other players while still maintaining their own tail. The tails themselves are made of simple fabric and pop in and out of place in the plastic backing.

The tails are attached via belt which is placed onto the child with the plastic backing facing away from the child's front. Several different game variations are depicted in the instruction manual included with the game set. The tails included with the set vary in color, size, and length, with some tails including the pony tail being significantly curved in comparison to other tails.

Two variations of this set exist, known as Barnyard Tag-a-Tail and Jungle Tag-a-Tail. The only difference between the two sets are the type of animal depicted in each set, with the Barnyard set including tails of a cow, a kitten, a pony and a puppy.


  • Interestingly enough, there are no other products are known to have been sold under this series. The only other product with a Nerf Jr. badge is the Nerf Jr. Foam Blaster: Attack of the Kleptons! video game, but it appears that the two items are unrelated and come from different release years.