It's Tango time, bolt-brain!

Tango as he appears in Nerf N-Strike Elite.

Tango is a character from the Nerf N-Strike video games. He is the Demolition Specialist of N-Strike Elite. His favorite and default blaster is the Raider CS-35.


In Nerf N-Strike, Tango helps to train Shane to become a member of N-Strike Elite.

In Nerf N-Strike Elite, he is a playable character who uses bazooka-like blasters.

List of Tango's blasters


Tango's personality has changed between games. In Nerf N-Strike, he appears to act like a hardened military soldier and rarely jokes around. However, it is possibly that he acts like this only when he faces off with newcomers.

In Nerf N-Strike Elite, he has an incredibly inflated ego. He is shown to also be very comedic and immature; he is constantly making sarcastic remarks about situations the team gets into. It is also shown that he hates elevators and is scared of heights and the dark.


  • "Tango" is the word for the letter T in the phonetic alphabet.
  • Tango is shown on the box art for Nerf N-Strike Elite with a Switch Shot EX-3 equipped with a Red Reveal.