The ten disc magazine is a Nerf disc magazine.

It comes packaged with the Praxis and can be purchased separately via Vortex Tech Kit or Ammo Belt Kit.


As its name would suggest, it holds up to ten XLR Discs at a time. It works with the same springing system as a clip, with a long, weak spring placed in the magazine to help load the discs into the blaster. The magazine can only be inserted into blasters one way due to the fact that the magazine is guided differently on both sides. It has a technical-looking design etched into it.

It is similar in appearance to the twenty disc magazine. It is the smallest-capacity magazine introduced as of yet alongside the Firefly Tech magazine.

The ten disc magazine included with the Ammo Belt Kit is a lighter shade of orange in color, although it is unknown why.[1]

Color schemes

The ten disc magazine has been released in the following color schemes:


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