The thirty-five dart drum is a Nerf dart drum.

It comes packaged with the Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 and it cannot be purchased separately in stores.


As its name suggests, it can hold up to thirty-five Streamline Darts at a time. This drum clip can be used on any clip system blaster. It is also compatible with Elite Darts.

Due to its size, it can get in the way of right handed people when used on blasters such as the Alpha Trooper. This issue is far worse than the eighteen dart drum, because it is twice the width and height.

Color schemes

The thirty-five dart drum comes in the following color schemes:


  • This drum holds the most darts out of any clip system clip or drum.
  • This drum can actually fit thirty-eight darts in without damaging the drum or the darts. However, having more darts in the drum than the recommended capacity can result in blasters jamming.
  • The Clear version allows for easy counting of remaining darts, unlike the standard or Gear Up versions.
  • Despite officially being available only with the Raider CS-35, it can sometimes be found by itself second-hand on sites such as eBay.


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