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Blaster typePump-action missile launcherThunderblast
Ammunition typeMissile
FeaturesAmmunition storage in integrated stock, one tactical rail, three strap points
Firing rangeThe firing ranges of the Thunderblast vary. It has a firing range of up to about forty feet if the blaster is fired flat and hard; angling it will boost the firing ranges to about the advertised range of sixty feet.[1]
ReliabilityIt is impossible for the Thunderblast to jam.
Rate of fireThe Thunderblast fires one missile every one and a half seconds.
CapacityThe Thunderblast holds one missile in its muzzle; two extra missiles can be stored in its shoulder stock.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailAlthough the Thunderblast improves on the ranges of the Demolisher 2-In-1's missile launcher, it still has a disappointing rate of fire and capacity.


  1. Randomshadow09 (2015-07-11). Nerf N-Strike Thunderblast - Range Test (Stock).

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