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Titan AS-V 1
Blaster typeSingle-fire air system vessel missile blasterTitan AS-V.1
Ammunition typeMega Missile
FeaturesReverse tactical rail
Firing rangeThis blaster can fire up to about fifty to sixty feet when parallel to ground if pumped the max of twenty times.[1] A stock Titan cannot fire when angled higher than forty-five degrees due to a safety feature.
ReliabilityThe Titan cannot jam but it can fail to blast if not pumped enough or if the Mega Missile is damaged.
Rate of fireThis blaster's rate of fire depends on how fast the user can pump the blaster. Due to the way the blaster is fired it always will take a long time to grab a missle and pump the blaster, which needs to be pumped around ten times to get a decent range.
CapacityThe blaster holds one Mega Missile at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailThe Titan AS-V.1 is quite powerful due to its firing range. However, it takes quite a while to prime and can only hold one missile at a time, so it is recommended for long range use or modification use only.


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